Our Methods

The subsidy services of Prior Subsidieadvies cover the entire process from inventory of subsidy possibilities to the final responsibility. Our methods consist therefore of the following steps/activities:


Orientation phase

• Gathering information through exploratory conversations in order to get good insight into your ongoing and future activities and organisational structure.


Inventory phase

• Taking stock of the subsidy posibilities: drafting a subsidy scan with all relevant subsidies.

• Assessing the chance of success of the application to the body that grants the subsidy.

• Testing against other conditions and criteria of the subsidy policy.


Subsidy application

• Drafting and submitting applications, such as project descriptions and budget plans. A second opinion about and application drafted by you is also one of the possibilities.

• Coordinating all formalities that come with the application process.


Financial and organisational phase

• Providing support and advice for responding to the subsidy provider’s additional or monitoring questions regarding the submitted application.

• Drafting progress reports and applications for advance payments.

• Submitting intermediate declarations and the final declaration/report for an eventual audit.

If desired, Prior Subsidieadvies can guide and advise you with regard to setting up the organisation of your management and project administration.